About Ruth B.

Canadian newcomer Ruth B. established herself as an authentic singer/songwriter of considerable promise and purpose in 2016, and the music world responded with open arms. Most recently, she received a coveted JUNO Award for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and a BMI Pop Award for her viral hit “Lost Boy,” which started it all. Her 12-song debut album Safe Haven shines as dazzling pop embroidery far surpassing first album expectations, with Rolling Stone lauding the album 3.5 stars and declaring Ruth B. “one to watch.”

Composing all of the album’s songs herself, Ruth blazes with the same surefooted intensity as she did on “Lost Boy,” but all the while transforming and growing right before our eyes. Her captivating presence charges the atmosphere on the new album with an unpretentious intimacy. Grammy Award-winning producer Joel Little’s (Lorde) layered production showcases Ruth’s breathtakingly golden vocals and piano/keyboard chops while creating new aural spaces for her to shine.

Whether it’s the incredible Pop song craft of “Dandelion” or the up-tempo harmonic splendor of “Safe Haven,” the young artist wins us over as an undiluted force to be reckoned with. Ruth’s instinctual command is elegantly magnified, with Little enlivening the sonic shadings and breathtaking harmonies, but never over-reaching. Like all the best fully-realized debut albums, Safe Haven stakes claim to higher musical ground by the sheer power of Ruth’s artistry.

Blessed with a knack for flaking the gold from every confessional verse, the 21 year old Ruth has described Safe Haven as a musical “diary,” with many of the songs inspired by those final, formative years of high school and the year after leading up to her astonishing debut. “I didn’t do any co-writes on the album because I needed the songs to come from heart,” Ruth says. “Writing songs for me is literally like keeping a diary. These are stories rooted in that crucial phase of growing up – what I felt about love and heartbreak and being young and everything in between, so I couldn’t imagine handing over the diary to someone else. ”

Safe Haven showcases Ruth’s ability to change course, from plaintive piano ballads like the poignant opening track “Mixed Signals” to the moodier love-is-a-battlefield-dramatics of “World War 3.” She scales the heights of her vocal power on the stunning power-ballad “If This Is Love,” which Ruth wrote it in one day and performed the next night to a sold-out crowd at Joe’s Pub. “For me that was a real turning point – the night where people stopped looking at me as a ‘Viner’ and saw that I was a genuine songwriter. Now, my biggest goal is for the songs on Safe Haven to move people and inspire them.”


Marc Offenbach & Mark Cunningham - Red Light Management